5 Under-the-Radar Draft Prospects for the Dallas Cowboys

Will McClay, VP Player Personnel, Dallas Cowboys Mandatory Credit: James D. Smith via USA TODAY Sports
Will McClay, VP Player Personnel, Dallas Cowboys Mandatory Credit: James D. Smith via USA TODAY Sports /
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Caleb Murphy,


Ferris State University

This next and final prospect is the epitome of an under-the-radar prospect. Caleb Murphy out of Ferris State is this year’s James Houston (Lions). The fact that he played for a division two school and received an invite to the NFL Combine says a mouthful. He measured in at 6’3″ 254lbs with 32.75-inch arms and 10.25-inch hands. His size, at least, is very comparable to current Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Sam Williams (6’4″ 261lbs, 33.125-inch arms, 9.875-inch hands).

The body composition is similar but that’s where the similarities stop.  The school/competition and the testing numbers tell us a different story. Let’s start with the school first. As we know, Sam played in the toughest conference (SEC) in college football. I’ll be nice – Caleb’s competition wasn’t quite the same.

His best statistical game was against Pittsburg State University where he recorded 6 sacks. I have to say, competition is one thing, but six sacks are still six sacks.

While I believe the talent is evident in Caleb, a large portion of his draft stock is going to be based on his combine results. The results (4.81 40-yard dash, 1.65 10-yard dash, and 28.5″ vertical) all suggest he would be a good but not great athlete. Add those results with his small school makeup and we are staring at later round draft pick but luckily for him, pass rushers do not grow on trees.

With that, having him as an option later in the draft is a plan that I would subscribe to, but it may not stand well against the needs of other teams.

The Dallas Cowboys need to continue to build their defensive line throughout the draft. Whether it is in round 1 or round 7, pass rushers continue to be a need across the NFL so other teams will be doing the same due diligence that the Cowboys will be doing.

This team is not far off from the pinnacle. A few minor tweaks and a couple of hits on under-the-radar type prospects and Jerry may find himself holding that Lombardi trophy once again.