Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 RBs in 5 Rounds (Who will Dallas choose?)

Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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I must admit I was that fan yelling and yelling for Ezekiel Elliott to either be demoted or released. Well, the Dallas Cowboys front office ripped the Band-Aid off and went with the latter. With that, Tony Pollard, seen above with his former partner in crime, will be looking for a new partner in the backfield.

While Ronald Jones was a decent free agent pickup, the fact of the matter is two prior Super Bowl winning teams said thanks but no thanks. The front office needs to keep in mind that there was a reason he was available for such a cheap price at his age.

The running back position has been devalued more than any other position in football so what should the Dallas Cowboys do?

Patient and responsible teams are hesitant to give an extension to the player they drafted at the running back position past their rookie deals. If they are not a generational type of runner, it makes the argument to resign them much more difficult.

Fortunately for the Dallas Cowboys, they had the opportunity to right a wrong by outright releasing their 3rd all-time leading rusher. Coincidently, the release is aligned with a draft that is loaded with so many different types of runners who can potentially fit different types of schemes. You have a few bigger backs, change of pace backs and a handful of all-purpose backs.

Let’s take a moment to recap five running backs in the top five rounds that may be available for Dallas to pick. We’ll start with round five and work our way back.