Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 RBs in 5 Rounds (Who will Dallas choose?)

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Kendre Miller


Texas Christian University

The Dallas Cowboys will have several different options at running back who present a wide variety of skill sets. Kendre Miller out of Texas Christian University has a specific skill set that the Cowboys and the NFL will love.

Miller is a 5’11” 215lbs running back with a good balance of speed, power and explosion that would make him the ideal pick for the next four to six years. He has a solid frame with a lower center of gravity and could be a very good complement to Ton Pollard.

Where will Miller win? While he is not a world class athlete, he’s not far behind that mark. At the NFL Combine, Miller didn’t participate in any of the drills as he is recovering from a late season injury. Based on his play style, it would not have been a shock to see him run somewhere in the late 4.4 to 4.5 range. If that would have been the case, that’s plenty fast for NFL standards.

So, what’s the problem with Kendre Miller? To be completely frank, nothing really. His biggest knock on him was the fact that he was a backup his first couple of years to Zach Evans, but Miller ended up being the last man standing in Fort Worth. When he received his opportunity as the full time back, he made the most of it. In his final year, he amassed 1399 rushing yards and 17 rushing touchdowns. It’s safe to say he made the most of his opportunity.

How would Kendre Miller help the Dallas Cowboys? He’s a three down back who won’t have to play three downs. You have to wonder if he would be effective in the pass game with only 29 receptions over three seasons. Obviously, it’s nothing to yell from the rooftop about but that’s not enough to pass on this type of talent. If Kendre Miller is available at pick 90, that’s excellent value for the Dallas Cowboys.