Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 RBs in 5 Rounds (Who will Dallas choose?)

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Okay, I know most Dallas Cowboys fans expected me to put Zach Charbonnet in this spot. I thought about it long and hard but the conviction inside me made me take a sharp left. With that, I landed right at the doorsteps of Mr. Jahmyr Gibbs.

Jahmyr Gibbs is one of two running backs that I would have interest in at this point in the draft. The narrative that he is limited to the “scat back” role is completely and utterly false. But also have to be fair in my assessment. He’ll never be confused with the biggest guy in the room. He measured in at 5’9″ 199lbs. I’m guessing he could probably play at 210 and not compromise any of his speed and explosiveness.

On the surface, his overall stats would lead you to believe he was just an ordinary running back in the SEC. You have to pull the layers back a bit. The number of touches he received helps to build context around his effectiveness. Yes, he only rushed for 961 yards but that was on only 151 carries. Bijan rushed for 1568 yards on 258 carries. That’s an additional 100 rushing attempts.

With the Dallas Cowboys, Jahmyr would offer a superior receiving threat that would work perfectly in a west coast scheme or whatever version of the scheme Dallas will be operating. He is a gifted catcher of the football. There’s no fighting with the football. He is a legitimate wide receiver coming out of the backfield which is a very dangerous weapon in any offense.

Say what you will about the size, the ability is uncanny and undeniable. At pick 26, that’s a stretch and even a bit rich for most teams. Or is it? There are some teams who are picking earlier than Dallas who are visiting with Gibbs. It can sometimes be a roll of the dice on where prospects who fall in the category of “weapon” land.

If somehow the Alabama running back makes it to 58, the Cowboys need not be ill-prepared to select a player of this talent.