Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 defensive tackles on the Cowboys’ radar

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The Dallas Cowboys could look for a defensive tackle in the 2023 NFL draft. What type of defensive tackle is a bit of a question, but most people feel they need more depth at the 1-tech position along the line.

While they have some depth at the 3/5 tech, there was a noticeable lack of depth last year after Johnathan Hankins went down inside. We will cover five options through the top half of the draft that should be available with a mix of the two.

I personally side with the need for a more stout run defender than a slashing-style player, but we will assume they could go either way.

When Hankins went down, the Dallas Cowboys run defense got a little soft up the middle as there wasn’t someone adept at holding a gap and allowing the players behind him to make plays into the gaps themselves. This caused cut-back lanes to open, players to overpursue, and sometimes wrong guesses into which gap the play was flowing toward.

Another issue has been consistent pressure from the inside, which you may not find with a more traditional 1-tech player, but there are some players that could develop that direction.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to add to the defensive line, and while there are questions as to where and how many, we look at five options for a defensive tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Before I start I am assuming Jalen Carter is picked way earlier than the Cowboys will have the chance to grab him. If he falls I think he could be the pick, but he is, talent-wise, one of the best players in this draft. I also don’t know that Bryan Breese falls far enough either, but he is another option if he does. We will look at five other options outside the top two guys.