Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 defensive tackles on the Cowboys’ radar

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If the Dallas Cowboys decide to wait until a little later in the draft a name that might pop up is Moro Ojomo out of Texas. Ojomo has the length that some of the other tackles lack in this draft, so while he has some development, his size and run defense are something that could pique the interest of teams.

Of course, being from Texas, the Dallas Cowboys know the player well. More of a 3-tech player, but could hold up against the run at 1-tech with some technical improvement.

Ojomo is not the biggest defensive tackle in this class, but he is powerful and flashes good agility along the line. He keeps his pad level down, which allows him to uproot blockers, stand them up, and locate the ball. He does well pursuing the ball down the line and will chase from behind. When he times his snap reaction, he can get off quickly, slash or power through a defender, which disrupts gaps well.

Ojomo has some technical issues with his hands, so if he gets engaged he can sometimes not disengage well. His first punch is so strong that he relies on that as his ability to disrupt, but after that, there are some questions.

He is good against the run, so finding a home shouldn’t be too hard, but whether he can develop more of a pass rush skillset remains to be seen. Will sometimes be late out of his snap which causes him to play from a disadvantage at times. He should go somewhere around the fourth, maybe early fifth, round.