Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 defensive tackles on the Cowboys’ radar

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The last guy on this list should go somewhere in the sixth or seventh but offers some intriguing upside if he can develop. Jerrod Clark has the power, he has the footwork, he has the drive, the question will be if he can put it all together at the next level.

He does have some injury concerns in his past, which could cause him to fall to the seventh round, but the flashes are there for a team willing to roll the dice.

Clark is really powerful and will walk blockers into the pocket consistently. With a background as a tight end, he is quicker than you would expect and has good body control with solid footwork. If he gets his arms around a running back, odds are they will not escape.

He holds the point of attack well and his sheer size and strength allow him to be a focal point along the line.

For all of the upside to Clark, his size sometimes bites him when he gets too upright in his block. While he flashes agility, sometimes he will not get to his point fast enough so his range may be a little limited.

As a pass rusher, he is strictly a bull rush guy and will need to develop counters and other moves if he is to be on the field for passing downs. He has a lot of technique to work on but the upside is noticeable.