Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 defensive tackles on the Cowboys’ radar

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There are some solid defensive tackles in this draft, even if there aren’t a ton of “wow” guys. One of my personal “pet cats” is Keeanu Benton out of Wisconsin. Another 1-tech player, Benton, has a ton of power to play gap and could play both interior positions, which could help along the goalline. Other names you may here are Kobie Turner, Cameron Young, and Keondre Coburn. All three offer help against the run, but don’t offer a ton in the way of pass rush.

This class seems to have two very distinct styles of defenders at defensive tackle. One would be stout run defenders and the other would be slashing-style defenders. It will depend on what Dann Quinn wants and needs as the draft approaches as to which style he will go with. He does like versatility along the line, so someone who could play inside and out could easily be the pick.

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With a little over a week to go, these are five names to keep an eye on, but that doesn’t mean if someone falls they won’t be the pick. This class has depth, maybe not a ton of day one difference makers, but depth which is all the Dallas Cowboys could be looking for. One thing is for sure there is a lot of upside in this draft if guys develop.