NBA Mock Draft 2023: The complete first round

Ucf Knights At Cincinnati Bearcats Feb 4 0095
Ucf Knights At Cincinnati Bearcats Feb 4 0095 /
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NBA mock draft
Ucf Knights At Cincinnati Bearcats Feb 4 0095 /

The NBA Mock Draft continues…

player. 38. . SF. Orlando Magic. Cam Whitmore. 6

Things start to get fun at six. Cam Whitmore, 6-foot-7, 220 pounds, is the athletic wing from Villanova.  He can take it to the rim or pull up from three with efficiency making him more than your average 3-and-D wing.

player. 100. . SF. Indiana Pacers. Gradey Dick. 7

Gradey Dick, 6-foot-8, 205 pounds, is arguably the best shooter in the draft. He can score form every level and well rounded complementary skills to package around it. He can pass, rebound and defend, making him a fit on nearly every team and a Day 1 contributor.

Washington Wizards. Ausar Thompson. 8. player. 142. . SG

The brother of Amen, Asure is his physical clone from the Overtime Elite. He’s a physical marvel with tremendous offensive upside so he represents a bit of a steal here. Like his brother, he needs some development to reach his peak, but he’s an immediate impact player.

. PG. Utah Jazz. Anthony Black. 9. player. 118

Black, 6-foot-7, 198 pounds, is an all-around talent who may not drop jaws with his scoring but does all the other things needed to win. Black is a very low risk selection here and an easy fit on the Jazz.

Taylor Hendricks. 10. player. 79. . PF. Dallas Mavericks

Hendricks, 6-foot-9, 210 pounds is a long and lean defender with a growing 3pt touch. He led the ACC in blocks and can guard multiple positions on the court. He’s a perfect fit on the defensively inept Mavs.

Orlando Magic. Jordan Hawkins. 11. player. 38. . SG

Hawkins, 6-5, 195 pounds from UConn makes the NBA Mock Draft here based on his all-around game. He can shoot from deep, penetrate, and even defend. He’s a solid pick with the No. 11 pick.

Oklahoma City Thunder. Cason Wallace. 12. player. 149. . PG

Magic get back on the Mock Draft by way of Chicago’s traded pick to get their defensive PG, Cason Wallace. Wallace, 6-foot-3 193 pounds, is a feisty defender who can create and distribute with the best of them.