NBA Mock Draft 2023: The complete first round

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NBA Mock Draft
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The thrilling conclusion of the NBA Mock Draft (2023 edition)

22. player. 147. . PF. Brooklyn Nets. Noah Clowney

Clowney, 6-foot-6, 230 pounds, is a strong rebounder and poor shooter. He needs work offensively but will focus on hustle to earn minutes. Still has untapped potential.

player. 34. . C. Portland Trail Blazers. Dereck Lively. 23

Lively, 7-foot-1, is a legit center who has great movement and athleticism for a player his size. He’s undeveloped and getting by on defense, rim protection, rebounds, and potential but his ceiling is tantalizing.

Sacramento Kings. Bilal Coulibaly. 24. player. 84. . SF

Coulibaly, 6-foot-6, 230 pounds has a good build and strong frame capable of adding mass. He’s flashed potential at both ends of the court and could be diamond in the rough if he enters the draft.

Adem Bona. 25. player. 211. . PF. Memphis Grizzlies

Bona, 6-10, 235 pounds may be a reach here but he’s a high potential player with strong defensive skills and elite natural athleticism. He has a high ceiling and his defense gives him a high floor making for a desirable target late in the first round.

. SG. Indiana Pacers. Kobe Bufkin. 26. player. 100

Kobe Bufkin, 6-foot-4, 195 pounds, is a scorer who burst on the scene this season. He’s rapidly ascending as  a players has one of the best highlight reels in his creative ways of distributing the ball.

Charlotte Hornets. Maxwell Lewis. 27. player. 170. . SF

Lewis, 6-foot-7, 195 pounds, was a great player on a poor team. He faded down the stretch calling into question where his floor as a prospect sits. His ceiling is high, though.

Utah Jazz. James Nnaji. 28. player. 118. . C

Nnaji, 6-foot-11, 225 pounds, is another undeveloped center coming off the board late. He’s tough and plays with quick feet. He may take a minute to develop but he has the potential to make it worth it.

. PF. Indiana Pacers. Brice Sensabaugh. 29. player. 100

Brice, 6-foot-6, 235 pounds, is a fearless shooter, He has a natural feel for the game and can be  a weapon on the parameter as well as midrange. Probably a steal at this point.

C. Los Angeles Clippers. Trayce Jackson-Davis. 30. player. 77.

Jackson-Davis, 6-foot-8, 235 with a 7-0 wingspan is a big guy in a not-so-big body. He plays like a center despite lacking ideal size and he plays it well. He’s a strong passer and could fit the right team in a special way.

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Things are not set in this NBA Mock Draft and the situation will be fluid between now and when the playoffs conclude. But the prospects are plenty and options exist at every level so teams should be excited no matter where they pick. More NBA Mock Drafts to follow…