Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Following the breadcrumbs (Final Edition)

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It’s been a long road. From the days leading up to the Senior Bowl, to the NFL Combine, to Pro Days, to visits, to hints, to rumors, to the week of the 2023 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys have taken us on quite the trip this offseason.

Throughout it all, the Dallas Cowboys have offered up breadcrumbs for would-be draft day detectives. Are they fool-proof? Certainly not. The Cowboys can’t control what other teams do and even if they let us inside the war room to hear the plan firsthand, it doesn’t guarantee anything is going to play out like they expect it to.

The breadcrumbs give us insight into what the Dallas Cowboys may do so we take one last stab here in this 7-round mock draft.

The Dallas Cowboys want to trade down. I’m fairly certain of it. But it takes the right deal and it takes two to tango so I’m not going to project it here in the first round. If they did trade back from pick 26, I don’t foresee any issue dropping into the second round. Fifth round options are overrated and big value can be found if they do. Players like OG Steve Avila or DE Will McDonald could be the target in that situation.

For resources we look at Dan Brugler’s The Beast, PFF’s Draft Guide, TDN scouting reports and overall consensus rankings.

The Dallas Cowboys top needs are: OL, TE and RB. They want to also address WR, CB, DT, and LB. The team has positioned itself to be opportunists and not reach for positions but rather take bargains that seemingly fall into their laps.

With that we head to the first round…