Dallas Cowboys Staff Picks: Dream Pick at 26 (6 different dreams)

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The NFL draft is always full of surprises, both good and bad. Today we ask the draft squad at Sport DFW about how things could transpire for the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday.

We specifically look at best case scenarios (within reason, of course) and ask each draft expert to name their best case/dream pick for the Dallas Cowboys at 26.

Here are six picks from six draft experts about who would be their dream selection for the Dallas Cowboys

Let’s start with Jermaine’s dream pick…

Joey Porter, Jr., Defensive Back, Penn State

Many of the Dallas Cowboys media are describing this draft pick as a luxury pick. If we follow that premise, Dallas should be drafting the best player available. There’s been some ‘whispers’ that Joey Porter, Jr. may take a fall on draft night. No one knows if that would be the case as it stands today, however, if it becomes a reality Dallas should be ready to pounce. I’m at a point where trading up would not be out of the question.

Joey Porter, Jr. has it all. That’s probably why he falls into the ‘dream pick’ category. He checks all the boxes that you want in a premier corner. His size at 6’2” 193lbs is what Dan Quinn is looking for. He has athleticism with a 4.46 in the 40-yard dash. His experience – he has played in big time ball games at a big-time program. The fact that he has played Ohio State University three different times where they lined up players like Jackson Smith-Njigba, Marvin Harrison, Jr., and Chris Olave. Playing those guys will get you NFL-ready.

Some people will have some trepidation thinking of the last player Dallas drafted in this mold (Byron Jones). My counter argument would be the value of having a Jones type player on this team. With Porter’s size, I would be comfortable with him handling the versatile tight end players that have plagued Dallas for the last few years. He’s a physical player that wants to play with contact. Starting in that role would elevate Dallas’ defense to new heights. The dream of getting Porter is satisfying, but the thought of obtaining himself without giving up draft capital would be over the top.