Dallas Cowboys Staff Picks: Dream Pick at 26 (6 different dreams)

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Cassidy’s Best Case/Dream Scenario for the Dallas Cowboys

This year’s wide receiver class is all over the place. Some are mentioning up to five receivers could be selected in round one and some are stating as little as one to two. The closer we get to the draft; the more people are starting to say that Jaxon Smith-Njigba should be the first receiver off the board.

For most of the off-season, analysts have had Quentin Johnston out of TCU as their WR1. The latest rumors now indicate otherwise as the NFL decided to not invite Johnston to the NFL draft.

Per Yahoo Sports,

"“The NFL never wants a situation like what happened to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson when he was caught on camera waiting and waiting until he was finally chosen with the last pick of the first round.”"

It’s obvious that the NFL thinks Quentin Johnston could fall late into the first round and possibly into the second round.

With this idea floating around, it’s an easy “best-case scenario” for Johnston to fall into Dallas’ lap just like CeeDee Lamb at 17th overall in the 2020 draft. Quentin Johnston is your prototypical X receiver and would instantly push for the vertical route tree role currently held by Michael Gallup who is under contract through the 2026 season.

The catch here is that the Cowboys have the potential out option after the 2023 season within Gallup’s contract. I am still under the belief that Dallas should have never gotten rid of Amari Cooper and let Gallup walk. He’s consistently battling leg injuries, has never been consistent, and will start costing more than $14 million against the cap starting next year.

With Quentin Johnston, you instantly have a replacement who can gain experience as the 4th wide receiver on the depth chart in 2023 and then step into the role the following year. If he can figure out how to use his big frame at the next level, he will be a weapon for this Cowboys offense for years to come and a potential superstar.