Dallas Cowboys Staff Picks: Dream Pick at 26 (6 different dreams)

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Steven’s Best Case/Dream Scenario for the Dallas Cowboys

Half of Cowboy Nation thinks Texas Running Back Bijan Robinson isn’t worth being picked in the first round because he’s a running back, while also praying he goes in the top 15 as to avoid being a Cowboys selection. This is basically saying “this is how I view the player and I know the NFL will tell me I’m wrong, but I’m sticking to it anyway.”

It doesn’t make much sense, but that’s their hope.

The other half would absolutely love Bijan at 26, but him getting there is full of hopes and dreams. The type of dream you wake up from right before getting to the good part.

Bijan is the dream pick for the Dallas Cowboys because he’s a weapon. The team could line him up anywhere to make him a running or pass catching threat. Pairing Bijan with Tony Pollard, even if only for one year, creates a personnel group more unique than the league has ever seen.

Especially with the addition of Brandin Cooks to help stretch the field and keep Safeties back. There’s no pick the Cowboys could make that creates more turmoil for opposing defenses than Bijan Robinson. All you have to do to accept it and get rid of the fear of the RB label.

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John’s Best Case/Dream Scenario for the Dallas Cowboys

I don’t have a specific dream pick. Dallas should draft a bully, whether they play on the offensive line or defensive line. Bullies can be found in every round.

Drew Sanders would be a valuable addition and could be available with the 26th pick. He would fortify the backers and present another first-rate QB tracker.