Dallas Cowboys first round staff predictions (Who will they take at 26)

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Jermaine’s Dallas Cowboys Pick: Darnell Washington, TE

Depending on who you ask, this spot may be a bit high for Darnell Washington, but his talent is undeniable. He is a 6’6″ 260lb freakishly gifted athlete who is oozing with the potential to develop into a dual threat type of in-line tight end. The Dallas Cowboys can hit two birds with one stone. They want to improve their ability to run the ball and be more effective on the goal line. Washington will immediately help in those areas and be a blocking upgrade over both incumbents, Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershot.

Washington gives something to Dallas that they do not already have. He is the Martellus Bennett/Mercedes Lewis type of athlete who would be able to play with Ferguson and Hendershot. Mike McCarthy has always had that mismatch at that position and now that he has full control over the offense, I believe he will begin to mold this offense and the personnel to his preference.

Granted, Washington has some room to improve in the pass catching area, but he isn’t as far off as one would think. He can make the contested catch and has been known to stretch the middle of the field. The Dallas Cowboys would not need him to immediately be the star receiver that Dalton Schultz was in his fourth and fifth seasons. He would get the opportunity to grow into the role while providing that immediate blocking aspect to the team. All the talk about Michael Mayer coupled with Washington having a private visit with Dallas, fans shouldn’t be surprised if Washington’s name is called on draft night.