Dallas Cowboys first round staff predictions (Who will they take at 26)

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Steven’s Dallas Cowboys Pick: Steve Avila, OG

The Dallas Cowboys love taking a player who is the best at their position and they’ll twist and turn in every way possible to make us believe that’s exactly what they’ve done. When the team make a safe and smart choice to draft TCU Guard Steve Avila, Jerry and Stephen can’t wait to let Cowboy Nation know they took the best Guard in the 2023 class, whether it’s true or not.

Avila does fill the most glaring hole on the team. Sure, Dallas could run five Offensive Linemen out as they stand and perhaps get by, but questions about Terence Steele’s health remain and Tyron Smith’s health would be in question even if the Cowboys were a professional cornhole team. Avila represents a smart, sensible choice that automatically makes the Cowboys better.

John’s Dallas Cowboys Pick: Will McDonald, DE

It’s been seven years since Ron Leary left, and the Cowboys are still unsure of the left guard spot. The Cowboys can find a solution in the draft.

Steve Avila is a gigantic bully. He would make the left side more powerful with Tyler Smith. Furthermore, he has the ability to play center, providing position flexibility.

History shows that Mike McCarthy has selected offensive lineman in the later rounds. I have a feeling Dallas will address the OG position in a later round.

The Dallas Cowboys will be picking Will McDonald IV with the 26th draft pick. I am profiling him in my write for my second part of my draft breakdown. McDonald is perfect for the ‘LEO’ role.

And that role is an important piece in Dan Quinn’s defense. Basically, the “LEO” acts as a defensive end and a 3-4 weak-side linebacker blitzing at the same time. It needs someone with the ability to bend the edge effectively.