Dallas Cowboys first round staff predictions (Who will they take at 26)

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, March 29, 2023. [Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun]Ncaa Football O Cyrus Torrence All American Brick Dedication
, March 29, 2023. [Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun]Ncaa Football O Cyrus Torrence All American Brick Dedication /

Dan’s Dallas Cowboys Pick: O’Cyrus Torrence, OG

When we were asked to do this there were a lot of names, I had for the Dallas Cowboys that I thought were not only realistic, but also it made me think about how this front office has historically approached the draft and positions within the draft. While I wanted to say a name like Mazi Smith or Brian Branch, I realized it has been a long time since the Cowboys valued either position enough to draft it early.

Defensive tackle was last picked in the first round in 1991 with a guy named Russel Maryland. Safety has never been chosen in the first round. That led me to think of actual possibilities. Sure, there have been names and positions floated, but just listening to how they talk, what they want to focus on, and simply basic history the name that made the most sense was O’Cyrus Torrence.

The Cowboys have stated over the past few years that the running game matters to them (more than many fans would like in this era of the NFL), and one of the biggest issues last season was a shaky offensive line. With the unknown status of Terence Steele heading into the season and the lack of trust that Tyron Smith can stay healthy, Torrence would step right in and fill a hole at left guard, all while solidifying the offense line.

A pick of Torrence would allow Tyler Smith to stay at left tackle, give flexibility to try Tyron at right tackle if Steele is not ready, and with a little luck, give the team a chance at a long-term solution to the entire left side of the line.

Torrence may not be the most glamorous pick, but he makes sense. Unless someone drops, Torrence could be the best offensive lineman on the board when the Cowboys pick.

Sure tight end could be an option, even running back, but when taking it all into consideration the safe bet is another offensive lineman early. It may not be a dream pick, but it is logical.