Dallas Cowboys first round staff predictions (Who will they take at 26)

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Reid’s Dallas Cowboys Pick: Michael Mayer, TE

I firmly believe that unless a top-15 player falls to the Dallas Cowboys at Pick 26, they are going to try to trade down. They would have to reach at guard, tight end, and running back is they sat at 26 so they might as well score extra picks.

But like I said last week, it takes two to tango and I’m not banking on someone else playing ball (unless a WR falls). So I will predict with 60% certainty the Cowboys stay at 26 and make their pick. In this case there’s been too much smoke not to see fire – Michael Mayer.

The Dallas Cowboys have been heavily linked to Michael Mayer and Dalton Kincaid the last month and Kincaid is likely to be off the board. Mayer isn’t a glamorous pick  but he’s a safe. Perhaps the safest pick they could make.

Mayer is nearly guaranteed to be a franchise TE in the NFL. He can block, he has great hands, he can play  all the roles and he understands the nuances of the game. The Cowboys want someone who can do it all and won’t tip their hand as to how they will line up and what type of play they will call.

The Cowboys will be very open minded for a steal if someone falls into their laps but if that doesn’t happen and they can’t trade back, Mayer is the guy. If Mayer is gone too? All bets are off. They could reach on Luke Musgrave or Steve Avila or they could pivot a different direction entirely and look at a WR like Quentin Johnston who could be falling. But at the end of the day, my money is on the Notre Dame TE, Michael Mayer.

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