Dallas Cowboys 2023 draft grades: The science of the grades, pick by pick

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Dallas Cowboys Pick 90: DeMarvion Overshown, LB (Texas)

Once again, many attractive options were on the board when the Dallas Cowboys went on the clock at 90. Overshown looked like a special player with a special set of skills they couldn’t ignore.

Picked only six spots before his consensus value, Overshown offered good value at 90. His positional value is hard to nail down. Like Micah Parsons three years ago, it depends if he’s an off-ball LB or EDGE rusher. LB isn’t a valuable position while pass-rusher is extremely valuable.

Based on conversation they’re leaning towards him being at least 50% pass-rusher so his value gets rewarded here.

Need isn’t obvious at pass rusher but the Cowboys could use some sub-package help at LB and the entire landscape figures to change in two years so he gets a 75 grade in “need”

He’s not in his expected role and is seen as a developmental player so risk exists, but he’s so physically gifted it’s hard to see him ever busting. This isn’t the deepest LB class but it’s a good EDGE class so the score is split between the two since he projects as a hybrid.

  • Draft position value: 80
  • Positional value: 85
  • Surplus value: 80
  • Need: 75
  • Risk: 80
  • Scarcity: 77

Grade: B- (80)