Dallas Mavericks free agency decisions should NOT hinge on Kyrie Irving

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It seems like every offseason the same tunes plays out for the Dallas Mavericks: they miss out of a big time free agent, make a minor trade, or sign a current player (which for the most part is considered their big signing.)

What they do this year hinges upon the re-signing of Kryie Irving. However, this should not be the case.

Waiting on Kyrie Irving this offseason could be harmful to the Dallas Mavericks future outlook, as it might derail the success of Luka Doncic and the team.

In the 2019 offseason, the Dallas Mavericks entered the summer with a lot of “what ifs.” That year Dirk Nowitzki had just retired and the team was in Doncic’s hands. Their biggest priority would be signing Kristaps Porzingis to a long term.

Like KP, the team also used their cap space to sign players already on their roster. Players such as Al Horford and Nikola Vucevic were listed as possible options, but the Mavs eventually struck out.

Three years later, and the Mavs’ off-season’s have been plain mediocre.

Since 2020, the list of names to enter and leave Dallas include Josh Richardson, Sterling Brown, Trey Burke, and James Johnson.

The same trend of resigning their own players or letting them walk with nothing in return seems to be a trend that could occur again this season. With Dwight Powell, Justin Holiday, Theo Pinson, and Christian Wood anything is possible.

So how might prioritizing Irving cause another domino effect? 

Well for starters, going all in on Irving could do a variety of things. It could cause Dallas to miss out on top free agents, as they sit waiting for one player’s decision. Another thing it could do it cause the team to be stingy with their money. If the Dallas Mavericks save up all their funds for Irving, then this could force them to sign veteran minimum free agents.

Lastly, even if Irving does resign: the chances of this being another failure situation are a true possibility.

After his run in Cleveland, Irving has bounced around three teams over the course of seven seasons.  Some of the reasons for his departures include his distaste of the team’s direction and urgency to be traded to a new team.

Dallas not making the playoffs this season is already not looking good for their chances at Irving being long term.

Yet, another reason for concern is the team being over the salary cap this offseason. Resigning Irving would only add to to their future burden.

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Now, I am not saying not to re-sign Irving at all. I am just mentioning the risks it comes with and how playing the waiting game on him might not be the best idea.

One thing is for certain, Dallas needs a good offseason if they hope to become contenders.