Dallas Cowboys 2023 UDFA profiles – Who are these guys?

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It’s that magical time of the football season for the Dallas Cowboys. The one where everyone gets excited about the new players joining the team, and while there will be a ton of articles covering the players who got picked, here will talk about the players that didn’t get picked, but rather picked up after the draft. It is time to figure out who the undrafted free agents for the Dallas Cowboys are and who they could be. While there could be some changes between now and minicamps, here is what we know.

The Dallas Cowboys have a rich history of finding undrafted free agents who have made an impact. From Tony Romo to Drew Pearson, from Terrence Steele to Everson Walls, the names jump out as soon as you see them. While this crop may not be as large as in past years, there are some very key players to watch as they develop. Before we get into it, I do believe even though they have not gotten another quarterback, that is a position that could still be grabbed.

So with the draft now over, the undrafted free agents for the Dallas Cowboys have started rolling in, so who are these guys? Let’s find out.

There are a few names on this list that I think should have gotten drafted. I will try to point out the fit for each player, their positives and negatives and where they could find themselves as the season progresses. Not all of them will stick around, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get the chance. With that all said, let’s start with the one name everyone was waiting for IN the draft.