Dallas Cowboys 2023 UDFA profiles – Who are these guys?

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Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

With the Dallas Cowboys looking to add to their wide receiver room, David Durden is raw but has physical tools that could help him develop into a weapon. He will need to work on the adjustment to the level of competition, but his 4.45 speed and solid frame will get him some attention in camp. He plays special teams and that will help him, but the practice squad is a possibility early unless he proves himself against better competition.

Durden uses his strength to break jams off the line and then acceleration to get upfield. When he gets the ball in his hands he displays a knack for breaking plays for large gains. He shifts his gears both downfield and across the middle where he isn’t afraid of contact. His breaks are pretty sharp which helps him get small separation space throughout his routes. He was a good punt returner, gunner, and tackler on special teams.

The first concern is of course the level of competition from West Florida to the NFL. He will sometimes brace for impact rather than try and make a move when he catches the ball. While he does track the ball well, he can get distracted when the window closes and doesn’t always high-point the way you would like. He will need to cut and go at the next level as he tends to wait for blockers before he makes a move.