Dallas Cowboys 2023 UDFA profiles – Who are these guys?

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Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

Another linebacker the Dallas Cowboys picked up after the draft is Isaiah Land out of Florida A&M. Land was used quite a bit as a pass rusher at Florida A&M so while he is listed as a linebacker, he is more of an edge. He is still very raw in development, so he may need some practice squad time to fill out and find his home, there is a lot to like in terms of raw talent.

Land is explosive when he gets moving with an unrelenting motor to continue in pursuit. He works himself well coming back through traffic and chases down quarterbacks as they escape out of the pocket. With a good bend off the edge, he can get into the backfield quickly if he isn’t punched fast enough by the lineman. He reads and reacts well to where he is developmentally so he has a lot of tools to work with early on.

Land is still very much in need of bulk to work against the larger players in the NFL. Often times he can get pushed off his line and will have to use his athleticism to get back into the play. If a lineman locks him in, Land doesn’t have a lot of moves to escape due to the lack of bulk, so while he flashes it, he may struggle against better competition early on. His motor will sometimes get him in over-pursuit and will have to work back into his line. Wraps up well, but will sometimes arm tackle and will roll off.