Dallas Cowboys 2023 UDFA profiles – Who are these guys?

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Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

The Dallas Cowboys had issues at corner last year and the players they had as depth have proven to be a little less than consistent. D’Angleo Mandell is a physical corner who fits the type that Dan Quinn loves to have on the outside. Physical and reactionary, Mandell can play outside and while there are some really nice traits there may be some things he won’t overcome, he could find himself transitioning to safety and playing special teams.

Mandell is a corner who is not afraid to mix it up with contact. Mandell does well when the play is in front of him to recognize and react to the play by breaking early and playing to the ball. When in zone he does well to keep the receiver bracketed with the safety and uses the boundary to his advantage. He will play the run well and comes downhill to meet the ball carrier rather than let him come to him.

Mandell doesn’t have the long speed and plays in trail more than you would like. I didn’t see any interceptions and upon checking never had one in college. His pass break-ups were also lacking and he tends to play in an area and make a tackle rather than truly playing the ball. For all of his height and length he doesn’t play man coverage all that well and might need very scheme specific at the next level.