Dallas Cowboys 3 biggest needs remaining after the draft

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Dallas Cowboys needs: RB

In case anyone missed it, Ezekiel Elliott is no longer a Cowboys.  The declining veteran was cut loose in the offseason and the Dallas Cowboys have been busy looking for his replacement ever since.

Sure, they drafted Deuce Vaughn on Day 3 but he doesn’t exactly seamless replace Zeke. Zeke was a power back who was built on contact and durability. Vaughn is the opposite of that. He’s a 5-foot-5 pinball who’s a non-factor in the short yardage situations in which Zeke thrived.

There’s a redundancy between Vaughn and Tony Pollard so a need still remains. Malik Davis and Ronald Jones are options, but much like the offensive line options, they aren’t optimal. The Dallas Cowboys would like to have a trusty veteran or a stoutly built rookie to come in and stabilize the position more.

It would make them feel better about this season and the complementary role he’d serve and it would also make them feel better about the future when Pollard is a free agent and they want to transition to a more cost-effective RB room.

If the Cowboys want to dedicated to the run, they need to do something about it. Most of their actions don’t scream “run the damn ball” like Mike McCarthy said they would. At this point, it’s doubtful the Cowboys will be any more run heavy than they were in the past (insert sigh of relief).