Dallas Cowboys 3 biggest needs remaining after the draft

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No, cornerback is not a glaring need for the roster this year.

Yes, it was still a major need in the draft this year.

Teams don’t draft based solely on the needs of the season ahead of them (ok, some GMs who are on the hot seat will, but that’s not Dallas). Teams like the Dallas Cowboys draft with the big picture in mind. They see problems ahead and get in front of them. That’s especially true for the salary cap conscious Cowboys.

In roughly 10 months Trevon Diggs, Stephon Gilmore and Jourdan Lewis will all be free agents. Depending on where you slot DaRon Bland, those are their top-3 CBs on the roster. Chances are good two of those starters will be gone in free agency and the third (Diggs) will be in the midst of a painful contract negotiation (I sense a franchise tag situation).

Not having replacements on the roster will not help the Cowboys leverage in the Diggs negortiations one bit. The Cowboys could be looking to replace as many as two starting positions next year (but we’re optimistic Bland can lock down a top-3 spot).

Getting ahead of the need would have been wise for the Dallas Cowboys. They are notoriously inactive in free agency so they will likely enter the 2024 draft needing to draft a CB with one of their top-2 draft picks. Again, that is not how you want to draft.

Tough to say how it will all shake out but the Cowboys put themselves in a difficult situation.

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Those are the top remaining needs. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.