Dallas Cowboys: 3 rookies who could be impactful right away

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Dallas Cowboys rookie: TE Luke Schoonmaker

When head coach Mike McCarthy said he wanted a more physical, run oriented team, he meant it when the Dallas Cowboys selected Schoonmaker in the second round. Schoonmaker is a more physical and athletic version of the recently departed tight end, Dalton Schultz.

Just like his fellow college teammate-Smith-Schoonmaker’s stats are not gaudy, but his highlight reel is very impressive because he made the best of his opportunities in run heavy offense at Michigan. And since he was featured in a run-heavy offense, Schoonie became one of the best blocking tight ends in the entire country. He attacks edge rushers in the same manner a bouncer tosses out the unruly patrons at the local bar.

Dallas now has four tight ends that can catch and block, but Schoonie’s style of play is very similar to tight end Jake Ferguson-, another tight end that loves to get physical in the trenches.

The Bonus:

Schoonie gives Dallas so many offensive formations that they can either run or pass out of and this keeps defenses honest and confused at the same time. The offense will certainly feature more 13 personnel (one RB, 3 TE, one WR) where the mismatches favor the offense because linebackers and safeties will have a difficult time covering either Schoonie, Ferguson, or Peyton Hendershot.

Schoonie is another offensive weapon for Dak Prescott and the new addition of the West Coast offense. The Dallas Cowboys got a sleeper in Schoonie.