Panic Time: What will the Dallas Cowboys do at kicker?

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The Dallas Cowboys came away from the NFL Draft with a haul of players. Afterward, they grabbed even more and tried to load up on depth. However, to the surprise of many around Cowboys Nation, the team did not add a kicker.

So far the Dallas Cowboys have not added a kicker in free agency, they didn’t draft one, and they didn’t even pick anyone up after the draft in the undrafted free agent portion. That leaves zero kickers on the roster and the only clue we have is the front office after the draft saying they would prefer a veteran.

If we head over to Spotrac we learn there are only eight listed free-agent kickers available. Many have focused on Robbie Gould, who played for the 49ers last year. Gould scored 50-51 on extra points and scored 84.4% on the season. Other notable names available are Brett Maher, Mason Crosby, and Ryan Succop. There are some other names, but those will be the ones most will know.

So without a kicker on the roster at the moment what will the Dallas Cowboys do at kicker and will they bring in anyone for the camps?

Of the names listed above, believe it or not, Brett Maher had the best percentage last season in kicking percentage. He is also the only kicker on the list to be above 65% on touchbacks on kickoffs with 78% resulting in a touchback. For those that wanted Maher gone after a shaky 2022, he has the best stats last year.

Gould has been historically better, but 2022 was not his finest season. That leaves a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.

The Dallas Cowboys could go looking overseas at rugby players. They could dig around for a small school prospect that hasn’t been picked up. The team could look at one of the listed eight free agents. Of course, they could also try to bring someone from the Canadian League, XFL, or USFL as well.  In the USFL Brandon Aubrey is a name to watch as he is a converted pro soccer player. Locally, Taylor Russolino kicks for the Renegades, so chances are they at least know who he is.

What we do not have is any answers yet. The Dallas Cowboys will need to do something at kicker, and while they are certainly going to aim for a veteran, having more than one kicker in camp is usually a smart move to allow your starter to rest or to even be tested and pushed.

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After the Cowboys had a very shaky kicking situation in 2022 that certainly did not help push this team deeper into the playoffs, the front office should be looking to do something. However at this point that something may lead back to Brett Maher.