Mavericks new draft odds crucial to team’s future outlook

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

Tuesday night is the night!! The Dallas Mavericks organization will finally know their draft standing in the 2023 draft. This is important because Dallas stills owes the New York Knicks a first rounder, and falling out of the top ten would force them to give away their pick.

Forbes magazine reports that the team has a 65.9 chance of of holding onto the number 10 pick in the draft. Other numbers include the Maverickss having a 19 % chance of dropping to 11th, 1.2 % probability of falling to 12 and a zero chance of going to 13th or 14th.

However, the biggest eye openings statistics are the 4 % chance rate of falling to fourth, and the 3 % chance of drafting at one.

If you remember, the last time Dallas had a top ten pick was in 2018 and 2019. In 18′ the team drafted Luka Doncic, while their first rounder in 19′ was traded to the Atlanta Hawks because of the Doncic trade.

It’s critical the Dallas Mavericks get to keep their pick in the NBA draft

Now, four years later and the team is in position to make some noise.

Some top prospects this draft year include France’s Victor Wembanyama, G League Ignite’s Scoot Henderson, Overtime Elite Amen Thompson and Ausar Thompson. Yet, unless Dalass falls inside the top ten, then their chances of drafting one of the players above is slim..

Realistic names to keep in might include Kentucky’s Cason Wallace, Kansas Grady Dick, Uconn’s Jordan Hawkins, and Baylor’s Keyonte Geroge.

All four of these prospects would be of tremendous benefit to the Mavs. For example, Wallace be a great defensive assist who could potentially be wing-D guard. If you remember he had eight steals against Michigan State last season.

Other players like Dick and Hawkins would be an offensive asset whom could help the team knock down buckets from all over the court.

So, there are plenty of options if Dallas falls in or out of the top ten.

Other alternatives in the draft include the Maverickss possibly trading their pick for a veteran or up in-coming star to pair along side Doncic and hopefully Kyrie Irving (assuming he resigns).

Names to keep an eye on include Rudy Golbert. The Minnesota center seems disgruntled in his role with the team, and rumors of him being traded having been swirling around. Could Dallas actually pull this possible trade and get their defensive anchor?

Another name Dallas has been linked to includes Indiana big man Myles Turner. The Dallas native would give the squad an extra scorer down low.

Lastly, one final name I could see the Mavericks making a run after is Draymond Green. The current Warrior is one of the top defenders in the league. Bringing him to Dallas would give the team that “bad boy” presence that have been lacking for years.

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Whatever way Dallas decides, the answer is clear: solve their issues now!

Tuesday night should help their decision a lot easier.

For now, the team needs to access every option possible.