Re-grading the Dallas Cowboys 2017 draft: Looking back

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Round 6, Pick #191 – Xavier Woods

If an overachiever was a person, it would be named Xavier Woods.

A small prospect with NFL-type talent from a smaller school in Louisiana.

In 2017, Jeff Heath and Byron Jones were slotted to play the safety positions, but Woods still needed to find playing time. He was basically the third safety on that team in his rookie season.

He earned Head Coach Jason Garrett’s respect and approval and never looked back.

He got a few starts when players were injured and filled in admirably. Forty-two total tackles and 1 interception for a player who wasn’t supposed to be on the practice squad or at most special teams in his first year was icing on the cake.

His projection was nowhere near a starter, but that’s exactly where he ended up during his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. If anything, Woods, in addition to Jourdan Lewis, helps counter the first-round pick’s blunder.

Even though Xavier Woods was a solid player for the Cowboys, he will be known as the guy heard worldwide. He committed the cardinal sin of saying players do not need to always play hard.

Well, those weren’t his exact words, but most people listening heard that.

At that point, Woods lost faith that the Cowboys’ fanbase had in him. The defense had been struggling, which was probably the nail in the coffin for him.

Overall, he was still a good but nowhere near great player. He was great value for the Dallas Cowboys, but in his case, they were wise not to extend him. For that, the front office deserves a solid grade.

Individual Grade: C+