Re-grading the Dallas Cowboys 2017 draft: Looking back

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Round 6, Pick #216- Marquez White

For the Dallas Cowboys, they are all about throwing darts. That’s precisely what this was. Unfortunately, the dart completely missed the board.

He was a two-sport athlete from high school heading to Florida State University.

A player with pretty decent athletic testing who didn’t stick with the team or the practice squad. Nothing too in-depth or extensive with this prospect.

Quickly after his release from the Dallas Cowboys, he has pretty much bounced around other leagues.

Considering he didn’t enter a regular season game, an incomplete seems appropriate for this player.

Individual Grade: Incomplete.

Round 7, Pick #228- Joey Ivie

Another dart, another miss for the Dallas Cowboys. Joey Ivie is another player who never saw the regular season game with Dallas.

He bounced around on practice squads and was elevated to the 53-man roster for a week or two, but it never lasted.

Coming out of Florida, the front office was not entirely off base. At 6’3″, 301lbs, teams will at least take a flier to see what they’ll get once their coaches get their hands on the prospects.
In this case, it wouldn’t be fair to give the Dallas Cowboys a failing grade on a player that did not get on the field. Not to mention, he was a seventh-round pick.

Individual Grade: Incomplete