Dallas Cowboys: 3 players the Cowboys like more than the fans

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There’s a normal disconnect between the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. The information reviewed and the subsequent discussions about it, which go on behind closed doors, isn’t heard by the general population. Even media is kept vaguely in the dark about the “how” and “why” of many things.

It’s not unique to the Dallas Cowboys either. Every NFL fanbase faces these same issues. Some front offices publicly explain better than others, but it’s an issue everywhere (and often by design).

As a result, the front office is often thinking one thing at this time of the year while fans and media are walking a completely different speculative path.

The Dallas Cowboys are said to like these three players considerably more than the fanbase seems to.

Low ceiling players inevitably disinterest the masses, but so do certain retreads and players with a notably poor performance on their resume. We start with the former…

Ronald Jones, RB

When the Dallas Cowboys signed free agent Ronald Jones in the offseason fans erupted in a unified “meh.”

Jones wasn’t the most glamorous of signings. Remember, the Dallas Cowboys had just parted ways with fan-favorite, Ezekiel Elliott. If they had to bid Zeke ado, they wanted bigger and better. Not a retread, three years removed from his career season, and without a single 1,000 yard season on his resume.

Jones was largely an afterthought. Fans liked the potential Malik Davis flashed in 2022. They liked the draft which offered limitless potential. They liked just about anything other than the five-year veteran Dallas signed.


The Dallas Cowboys are said to like Jones quite a bit. They see the young and powerful back who can handle tough yards between the tackles. He’s not glamorous but not long ago he was a league leader in “yards over expected.”

As things stand today, Jones is on the team and likely to receive the second most rushing opportunities of the bunch. He’s the reason the Dallas Cowboys didn’t panic in the draft and didn’t pick a prospect before the sixth round.