2023 NBA Mock Draft: Where will the Dominoes fall?

Ucf Knights At Cincinnati Bearcats Feb 4 0095
Ucf Knights At Cincinnati Bearcats Feb 4 0095 /
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This is your 2023 NBA Mock Draft. Last week, NBA fans were left with the complete 2023 draft order. As predicted, teams like the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz and Washington Wizards all rounded the bottom 10 teams. However, other teams were surprised.

Groups like the Detroit Pistons who were expected to land the number one pick, ended up falling to fifth slot, where as the San Antonio Spurs a team projected to have the third pick at bets, ended up with the best odds as they now have the first pick.

So with the draft less than a month away, it is never too early to create a 2023 NBA Mock Draft.

In the created 2023 NBA Mock Draft we see an unanimous first pick and a series of slips and surprised in this first round.

After the Spurs, it will be interesting to see where players will land. Could the Charlotte Hornets finally land a player to pair along side Lamelo Ball? or what the Portland Trail Blazers, will they actually keep their number three pick or could they use it as trade bait?

Let the 2023 NBA Mock Draft begin.

May the odds be in your team’s favor.

C. San Antonio Spurs. VICTOR WEMBANYAMA. 1. player. 29.

The first pick is without a doubt a no-brainer. The 19 year-old prospect has been lights out for the LNB Pro A league in France. This past season, he won the MVP award and defensive player award, all while being to the league’s first team. San Antonio here he comes.

170. . SF. Charlotte Hornets. Brandon Miller. 2. player

At the two spot, its a toss up between Alabama’s Brandon Miller, G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson, and guard Amen Thompson. I’d give Miller the edge here though. With an already crowded back court of Ball and Terry Rozier, Miller would a  solid pick here. HIs off-court issues could come back to haunt him, but this a selection the Hornets cannot miss out on. This doesn’t mean Charlotte won’t select a guard later on.

PG. Portland Trail Blazers. Amen Thompson. 3. player. 34.

The 6’7 guard comes with plenty of size and skills. In the Overtime Elite League last season, he averaged 16.4 points, 5.9 assists and 5.9 rebounds. His incredible passing skills is something that can’t be passed on. Could he be the guard of the future? (Assuming Damian Lillard leaves.)

player. 169. . PG. Houston Rockets. Scoot Henderson. 4

With Jalen Green projected to be the future, the Rockets will be looking for a guard to pair alongside their star. Look no further than Scoot Henderson. The G League player gained plenty of experience the past two years. His athleticism resembles that of a prime Russell Westbrook and MVP Derrick Rose.