Why the Dallas Cowboys are interested in WR DeAndre Hopkins


The 2023 offseason began with the Dallas Cowboys on the hunt for a WR. After their WR room soiled the bed in 2022, the front office considered the position group a priority. When it was reported Arizona was shopping their star receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, in March, Dallas was understandably linked to the 10-year vet.

When the Dallas Cowboys traded for Brandin Cooks, the rumors were largely put to bed. Dallas already had CeeDee Lamb locked into the WR1 role and Michael Gallup in the WR3 role. While Gallup was a bit of a wild card after a disappointing 2022 season, they were finically committed to him whether they wanted him or not.

But right when it seemed the Cowboys were set at the WR position, they started to schedule their 30-visits for the draft. The NFL limits the number of visits teams can have with players so teams like the Dallas Cowboys treat them like gold. There may be a smokescreen or two, but generally speaking, visits express interest in a player and/or position group.

Can you guess what position group they targeted the most at the top of the draft?

Yup. Wide receiver.

Whether it makes sense on paper or not, the Dallas Cowboys remain interested in the WR position making DeAndre Hopkins a real possibility.

It may seem like going four-deep at WR is overkill for a team determined to “run the damn ball,” as coach Mike McCarthy famously said. But after all the issues they had last season, extra depth may be just what they need.

Having a rotation of proven pass catchers to cycle in alongside Lamb could keep everyone fresh and healthy all season long. It would insulate Dallas to injury and upgrade their passing attack.

After failed attempts to trade Hopkins earlier in the offseason, the Cardinals appeared to give up, releasing the All-Pro on Friday.

Even at the age of 31 (just days away) Hopkins is still regarded as one of the best WRs in the NFL. If signed by the Dallas Cowboys, he’d likely slot right into WR2 in the pecking order. Given the timing of his release he probably would accept a one-year modest deal (teams aren’t flush with cash this time of the year) so he could be a steal for whoever signs him.

The Dallas Cowboys appears to be leading the charge, according to early odds makers, with KC and NE coming in behind.

So is a deal on the way?

Hopkins has very little incentive to sign with anyone right away. Teams aren’t big spenders after the draft so everyone’s financial situation will generally look the same in July as it does right now.

Hopkins is best served sitting back and watching how things unfold. He could monitor injuries around the league this summer and search for the best place with the best opportunity. Joining a crowded position group like Dallas’, doesn’t serve him well if he’s on a one-year deal building his value.

With that said, where there’s smoke there’s fire and the Dallas Cowboys have a keen interest in Hopkins and the WR position all offseason. That’s for real.

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The Dallas Cowboys are the favorites to sign Hopkins this offseason but chances are nothing will happen until training camp gets rolling in July.