Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft: Re-grading the picks 4 year later

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The 2023 NFL Draft has come and gone. Fans and media alike across Cowboys Nation had a wide spectrum of feelings on whether it was a quality draft or not, but there’s no question they filled some needs. Needs the Dallas Cowboys have had a tough time filling in the past.

Some expected a big time pass catcher early while others felt they should take the falling studs like Penn State CB Joey Porter Jr. or Georgia EDGE Nolan Smith. No matter, everyone can agree the Dallas Cowboys front office took an approach they hadn’t taken in quite some time.

As a matter of fact, it’s been well noted by now that first round selection Mazi Smith DT out of Michigan is the first interior Defensive Lineman the team had drafted in the first round since Russell Maryland in 1991.

However, the last time the Dallas Cowboys selected an interior Defensive Lineman with their first selection of the draft is much more recent history.

Today we will look at and re-grade the selections made in the Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft.

Of course, re-grading has the benefit of using hindsight to determine if the pick was a quality hit or miss. So, in an attempt to be fair, grading will be determined by the player’s performance in comparison to where he was selected in the draft.

We will eliminate the idea of who was left on the board to be taken simply because at the time, if it had been known player x taken three picks later was going to make the All-Pro team then he would’ve been a first round selection instead of, let’s say, a third. You with me?

One more thing. You might find it interesting how many things the 2019 and 2023 class have in common. Even if they aren’t necessarily things that matter in terms of making the team better.

Alright. Let’s grab our red marker and re-grade the 2019 Cowboys Draft Class.