Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft: Re-grading the picks 4 year later

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One thing the 2019 and 2023 draft have in common for the Dallas Cowboys is both saw picks traded away in exchange for Wide Receiver help. During the 2018 season the Cowboys sent their first round pick to the Raiders in exchange for Amari Cooper while the team swapped a 2023 fifth round pick for Brandin Cooks.

Remember, we are only grading the Dallas Cowboys selections, so the Cooper trade won’t be graded. However, back to comparisons between 2019 and 2023, the Cowboys were set to have the 27th overall pick that year, the same as they were set to have this year. Though, the 2019 team traded the pick away and the 2023 team pick moved up a spot due to the Dolphins forfeiting their pick. What are the odds? The last two times the Dallas Cowboys had the 27 overall pick, neither time did they pick in that spot.

The next comparison is where the Cowboys first pick comes in. We noted earlier the Cowboys hadn’t drafted a DT in the first round since 1991 prior to taking Mazi Smith in 2023. However, the last time the Dallas Cowboys took a DT with their first pick of the draft was 2019 when they took Trysten Hill out of Central Florida.

Taken at pick 58 in the second round (another similarity to the 2023 Cowboys draft positioning) Hill was largely a disappointment. His rookie year he saw action in seven games, which is nothing to be ashamed of, but he found his way on the field in even less action the following two seasons. Logging snaps in only five games in 2020 and six in 2021. He showed flashes here and there, but certainly nothing spectacular.

2022 went better for Hill, sort of. He certainly saw the most action he’d seen in his career, appearing in 13 games. However, once again only seven of those were with the Dallas Cowboys before he was released from the team. Hill found his way on with Arizona where it was much of the same. Overall, the Dallas Cowboys have known they need better play in the middle of the defensive line, but missed big time with Trysten Hill. Injuries, suspensions and inconsistency plagued Hill his whole tenure in Dallas.