Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft: Re-grading the picks 4 year later

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Penn. State. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. OFFENSIVE LINE. Connor McGovern. 90. 123

Connor McGovern was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys out of Penn. State and is probably one of the more complex grades to give.

McGovern was a third round selection at pick 90. Though he did not register any snaps his rookie season he did start 29 games over the next three seasons including being a week 1 starter in 2022.

Connor McGovern had a very up and down time with the Dallas Cowboys.

His first opportunity to play real snaps came at the unfortunate expense of future Hall of Famer, Zack Martin, after he went down with an injury. Connor McGovern filled in nicely and actually had himself a good back half stretch of the season.

He followed up a decent 2020 with a stellar 2021 Thursday night opener against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Zack Martin was once again sidelined, this time under COVID protocol mandated by the league. McGovern proved himself to be a quality fill in.

However, the remainder of the season would be a struggle for McGovern. With the return of Martin to the lineup he was relegated to logging snaps only as a lead blocker in the Cowboys Jumbo packages.

It wasn’t until the team decided to bench starting Left Guard Connor Williams did McGovern return to the lineup. Unfortunately things didn’t work out at that time. McGovern couldn’t match his level of play on the right side and Williams was inserted back at LG a month later and remained for the season.

In 2022, Connor McGovern was a saving grace of sorts. Maybe he didn’t quite play to the level he had at Right Guard, but as the teams starter on the left side, he was a much improved player from his previous attempts in that spot. As a matter of fact, McGovern turned out to be one of the more consistent pieces on the 2022 Dallas Cowboys offensive line.

Overall, McGovern had a nice tenure with the Dallas Cowboys before signing a deal with the Buffalo Bills this offseason. He wasn’t great. He wasn’t awful. He gave you some starts over three seasons. He was quite a standard third round pick.