Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft: Re-grading the picks 4 year later

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Is it just me or have the Dallas Cowboys had some shocking good draft hits in the 6th round in recent history? Safety Donovan Wilson out of Texas A&M is just one of a laundry list of players taken in the sixth who have made contributions to the team.

Before we get to Dono, let’s recap that list. Obviously the most recent picks (Deuce Vaughn and Eric Scott Jr.) are unknowns, thought Vaughn is the consensus favorite pick amongst fans. Devin Harper from the 2022 class also has a chance to collect more playing time this season, but to be fair lets begin in 2021. The Cowboys did not have a six round pick in 2020, 2015, or 2014.

*  = Still with Dallas Cowboys

2021 – DB Izzy Mukuamu (19 games played*)

2019 – S Donovan Wilson (51*)

2018 – WR Cedrick Wilson (53)

2017 – S Xavier Woods (92)

2016 – CB Anthony Brown (94*), S Kavon Frazier (60)

2013 – LB DeVonte Holloman (9 – Retired due to injury)

2012 – TE James Hanna (78)

2011 – WR Dwayne Harris (109)

This not only tells us the Cowboys have been highly efficient drafting in the sixth round, but it also tells us they have targeted defensive backs and pass catchers.

Donovan Wilson may very well be the best out of the group above and he’s improved his game each and every season. In 2022 he posted over 100 tackles to go along with seven TFLs, five sacks and an INT. He made solid to great contributions at every level of the defense and many feel had an argument to be a Pro Bowler.

Dan Quinn and the Dallas Cowboys saw the value of Dono and gave him a beautiful new contract for three years, worth $21 million.