Are the Dallas Cowboys overplaying their hand with the kicker position?

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The Dallas Cowboys have made some stellar moves this offseason. The acquisitions of Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks were crafty ways to address significant needs.

While not everyone agreed with the outcome of the draft, the executive team addressed team warts, and that’s all I can ask for.

Outside of the left guard position, the most talked about role which remains unsolved: the kicker.

And unfortunately for the Cowboys fans, Jerry and co. are moving slower than molasses on a summer day with finding their next Dan Bailey.

Granted, they’ll have a hard time finding another Bailey, but some good options have been available this offseason.

Why Dallas has been waiting to make moves is puzzling to me.

In either case, let’s take a deep dive into kickers on the market and the reasons Dallas chose to look elsewhere.

Robbie Gould is out there for the taking, but Dallas hasn’t bit yet

This kicker would seem easy for the Dallas Cowboys, but this equation has more variables.

It appears Robbie Gould will not be returning to the San Francisco 49ers. They used a draft selection to take Jake Moody from Michigan.

The Dallas Cowboys should have run to the phone and placed the call to Gould, but they have not.

Why is that?

I would love to say it’s a simple answer, but it’s not. However, the kickoff duties could play a role in that decision.

According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), opposing teams could return 49.5% of their kickoffs and had an average field position 25.4.

Even still, having an 84% field goal rate and a 98% extra point conversion. The cherry on the top was the 2 of 2 from beyond 50 yards.

Those results should be enough to get a look, but it has yet to be.

It could be the age that’s running teams off. Robbie Gould will be 41 years old during the 2023 NFL season.

Will Dallas commit to having a second kicker for kickoff purposes? I highly doubt it. That may be the answer to why Dallas has been slower on the draw.