Where does Kelvin Joseph fit on the Dallas Cowboys defense?

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With OTAs jumping off for the Dallas Cowboys there has been some discussion surrounding the role of Kelvin Joseph. A picture was taken of Joseph working with the safeties that Bobby Belt posted online.

This has led to speculation about where Joseph stands with the team and his future role. His special teams play could keep him safe, but moving positions sometimes is a death knell for a player.

Joseph was drafted to be one of the top two corners on the team but has not lived up to the expectations. In his time with Dallas he has played only 330 snaps on defense, which might seem like a lot but when compared to Trevon Diggs who played 1116 in just 2022 alone. Joseph played more special teams snaps in 2022 than he has defensive snaps to this point in his career. That is not what you want out of a second-round pick.

The future of Kelvin Joseph with the Dallas Cowboys seems to be in question with a possible move to safety, but his special teams play could save him for 2023.

There were questions surrounding Joseph’s love of the game as he came out of college. Many felt he was more focused on his rap career than he was playing football. These fears were exacerbated when last offseason he was questioned for a shooting in downtown Dallas.

When the Dallas Cowboys needed cornerback help, Joseph was obviously not the answer and the Cowboys then had to scour the free-agent veteran market.

One thing we do know about Joseph is that he is the Dallas Cowboys’ special teams ace. He flies down the field making tackles, but he has also been known to get serious penalties which have cost the team field position more than once. So for all the good he does on special teams it has come at a small price. This brings us to the 2023 season and what his role could be, or rather, if he will make the final roster.

With Joseph being seen with the safety group there is a thought they could move him to the backend of the defense and allow him to keep the ball in front of him. This would help him not have to be in man coverage and allow his athleticism to make plays against the pass. In 2022, at corner, he was targeted 18 times and allowed 12 completions. Moving him off the wide receivers could help his coverage stats.

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If Joseph is moving to safety, preseason will be vital to him for staying on the roster. The Cowboys have drafted enough players who play special teams that losing Joseph wouldn’t be a huge loss in the third phase of the game. This may be a last-ditch effort to find a home for the former second-round pick. If it doesn’t work, Joseph could very well be one of the cuts the Dallas Cowboys will make.