Dallas Cowboys: 3 top-100 picks fighting for their roster spots in 2023

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Dallas Cowboys love their draft picks. For as much as they like to preach open competition and may the best man win, draft picks get the inside track on competitions.

But eventually they need to show out. Eventually, they need to do something. Because eventually the Dallas Cowboys will see them for the sunk costs they are and take their roster spot away. Today we look at those players on the bubble. Not the late round picks who were never supposed to pan out. Rather the top-100 picks who are unquestionably disappointing.

Here are three Dallas Cowboys draft picks who are on the verge of losing their roster spots in 2023.

Players drafted in the first three rounds are supposed to be multiyear pros. They are supposed to be rotational players at the least but often turn into starters. These players are none of the above.

Kelvin Joseph (2021) Pick 44

Kelvin Joseph has been dominating the Cowboys new cycle since the day the Dallas Cowboys first selected him. The problem is it’s for all the wrong reasons.

His draft bio indicated issues with both college teams he played for. His experience was therefore lacking and his priorities were in question. Also a professional rapper, Joseph came to the NFL with different lives. One of those none-NFL lives reared its head when Joseph was involved in a drive-by shooting that claimed a life.

His play on the field wasn’t good either. After some promising snaps as a rookie, Joseph seemed to regress as a CB. He was lost and apprehensive in coverage. He was such a liability his snaps were given to free agents signed off the streets and a Day 3 converted safety.

His only meaningful role was on special teams but even there he was second fiddle to CJ Goodwin, Dallas’ top special teams ace. When the Dallas Cowboys re-signed Goodwin in the offseason, they started the clock on Joseph’s career. Under no circumstances would they keep a second ST coverage specialist on the team so Joseph would have to offer SOMETHING on the defense to keep his job.

Early OTs showed him working with the safeties so the Cowboys are clearly searching for something to make this pick become anything other than a bust, but things don’t look good.