Dallas Cowboys: Kelvin Joseph playing his ‘best stretch of football’

(Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images) /

Kelvin Joseph is no stranger to headlines. Since joining the Dallas Cowboys as a second round pick in 2021, Joseph has been a mainstay in the sports pages. Unfortunately it’s often been for all the wrong reasons.

From his slow start as a rookie, to his off-the-field legal issues, to his disastrous sophomore campaign, Joseph finds himself hanging by a thread entering his third season in the NFL.

Kelvin Joseph has been impressing in his new role on defense, earning early praise from the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff.

Like a Maury Povich guest waiting for the paternity test, Kelvin Joseph is feeling the pressure. What happens next will likely determine his future.

If he can carve out a role on defense, he may be able to win a roster spot and salvage his Cowboys career. Because since C.J. Goodwin was retained as the special teams specialist again for 2023, Joseph will need more than just special teams play to win a spot on the final 53.

Over the past two seasons, Joseph has had multiple opportunities to step up into a starting role for Dallas at cornerback. But inconsistent play and a noticeable drop in confidence late in 2022 ultimately led to a position change in the off-season.

Now practicing with safeties and in various inside roles (including nickel CB), Joseph seems to be hitting his stride.

"“I think this is the best stretch for Kelvin since he’s been here,” Mike McCarthy said. “It’s the opportunity at nickel. You can see his hype and awareness. There’s nothing he can’t do physically but I think the understanding of going in and playing nickel and what I like is I think it has made him better outside.”"

Based on previous returns, “the best stretch of football since he’s been here” may not be saying much. His trajectory has been plateaued for quite some time and his solid play late in 2021 understandably gets forgotten.

But as those late-season rookie snaps showed, Joseph has the skills to succeed if he can just get right between the ears and execute with the same confidence he showed at Kentucky. If playing with the safeties and in nickel is what it takes to build said confidence, Joseph may work out in Dallas after all.

This may be a big deal about nothing when all is said and done, but good news is good news and the Dallas Cowboys finally have some good news to report on Kelvin Joseph.