Dallas Cowboys: The 2 most important coaching positions and their impact

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After upgrading the roster through free agency, trades and the draft, the Dallas Cowboys enter the 2023 NFL season as team with expectations that go beyond just an appearance in the second round of the playoffs.

But while fans and local media remains high on Dallas, not everyone shares the same lofty expectations. Many national outlets believe the Dallas Cowboys are underdogs in their own division. Some have said they will only win 9/10 games. And still others have been so bold as to call the QB position their weakest link.

In the end, only one side will be right but tipping the balance in the favor of the optimists is the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff. From Bill Belichick to the Dallas Cowboys own legendary head coaches (Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson), head coaches and their assistant coaches carried out the blueprint for their championship vision. The Cowboys think they have that in Dallas today.

The Dallas Cowboys made some coaching changes to improve the overall production of their team, but there are two coaching positions that hinge on the Cowboys having a successful season.

Once the Dallas Cowboys lost a close and winnable game against the San Francisco 49ers, Coach Big Mac had seen of enough of the Kellen Moore high school musical offense. Although it was high scoring and one of the most effective in the league under Moore, Coach Big Mac knew Moore’s scheme was predictable and uneven with its running and passing game.

Basically, Coach Big Mac knew Moore would get him fired in the long run, so he wisely relieved Moore of his duties and decided to call the plays himself.

But Coach Big Mac did not stop there, either. He let a total of six coaches go, including longtime friend and offensive line coach Joe Philbin, assistant head coach Rob Davis and running back coach Skip Peete. Letting Peete go was just as baffling as letting Philbin go because Peete had done a fantastic job with Tony Pollard and did a serviceable one with a declining Ezekiel Elliott.

Those coaching positions have been fulfilled, but out of all of the Dallas Cowboys coaching positions, there are two that hold more weight than a new born elephant and are significant for the team’s overall success.