Dallas Cowboys: The 2 most important coaching positions and their impact

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Dallas Cowboys Head Coach: Mike McCarthy

Schottenheimer will design the offensive schemes that connects the run and play-action pass attack, but Coach Big Mac will run the show with his play calling. The season ends and begins with how he calls the plays and how Dak executes them. It’s that simple.

Coach Big Mac must do with Dak what he did in Green Bay with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers to make the Dallas Cowboys the best versions of themselves. Dak isn’t at those other QB’s level so Coach Big Mac needs to play to Dak’s strengths to elevate the offense and continue to preach the importance of NOT turning the ball over.

For those not in the know, Coach Big Mac was very instrumental in the development of Rodgers becoming one of the best skillful passers ever and in Rodgers winning two of his four MVP trophies (2011 and 2014).

Rodgers low interception rate can be accredited to Coach Big Mac stressing the importance of protecting the ball at all cost. And Rodgers has an accurate cannon of an arm that can complete any pass but instead played it safe to see another play.

This is why Coach Big Mac must call passing plays that give the wide receivers the freedom to excel while minimizing the potential for a turnover. Last season, Dak had to throw into tight windows regularly (19.8 percent) while the route concepts allowed for easy interceptions because of the congested area.

Coach Big Mac would be wise to dump the hitch routes and use more favorable routes like the shallow-cross, drive, short routes, and quick slants that give wideouts an advantage in the West Coast offense. Those hitch routes did not match well with a receiving group that ranked low in creating separation.

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Coach Big Mac is the new offensive engineer of the Dallas Cowboys who must be on the same page with his offensive coordinator and quarterback. These three reflect each other in some capacity. The timing, continuity, and quality of plays rest in their hands.

But it starts with the offensive coordinator and play caller because the Dallas Cowboys overall success will be impacted by how effectively they do their jobs!