Dallas Mavericks Free Agency: 3 Roster Burning Questions

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Mavericks started off this week with a bang when rumors began to circulate that free agent Kyrie Irving was recruiting Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James to play with Luka Doncic and company.

Rumors than began to circulate what if the big three became “the big four” and Dallas added Draymond Green to the mix.

However, as of now those are just rumors. Things could all change with the possible release of Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul. The New York Post reported that Vegas odds have the Lakers as the top destination if Paul does officially get released. Assuming this is the case, then the chances of Lebron coming to Dallas are even slimmer than before.

As for the Green case, Steph Curry recently came out and said that he wants the Golden State Warriors to keep the core together for one more year.

So what might this offseason really look like for the Dallas Mavericks? What are some realistic possibilities?

Here are three burning questions to answer:

1. Is Christian Wood officially out the door?

Back on April 10th, Christian Wood said his goodbyes to Dallas Mavericks fans, as he expressed thanks for the team this past season. Many NBA fans might interpret that as the end between Wood and Dallas.

Some reports from the Dallas Mornings New and The Athletic even reported that this is more than likely the end between the two.

Yet, there are some suggestions Dallas could use Wood in a sign & trade deal. Bleacher Report recently suggested that the Mavs trade Wood, Josh Green, and JaVale McGee in exchange for Deandre Ayton.

So, yes the idea of Wood coming back seems all but over. However, the idea of Dallas doing a sign & trade might be a realistic possibility.

2. Do the Dallas Mavericks trade the 10th selection or stay put?

The NBA draft is two weeks away and Dallas Mavericks fans are wondering what Dallas might do. Last month, Yahoo Report Jake Fischer reported that the Mavericks are expected to explore the trade market to add depth around Irving and Doncic.

One report from The Athletic this week suggested that Dallas trade their draft pick along with Davis Bertans for the Brooklyn Nets’ Royce O’Neale and the 21st pick. Other reports suggest that players such as Jaden Hardy and Josh Green would be off limits, assuming the Mavs add a player to trade with the pick.

However, Dallas has also hosted workouts for draft prospects ranging from Gradey Dick, Antonio Reeves, Emanuel Miller, and Anthony Black.

So while all indications suggest Dallas is trading their pick, there is still a possibility the team keeps the selection to add youth to their young roster.

3. What is up with Irving situation?

When the season ended, Irving left the team without speaking to the media. Weeks later he was seen sitting courtside at Lakers’ games cheering on his former teammate James.

Fast forward to now and there are news leaks that Irving is convincing James to pair up with him and Doncic. Some details suggest that he is trying to seek a long term deal from either the Lakers or Mavericks.

Other indications is that Irving simply wants the Dallas Mavericks to improve.

Just this week Marc Stein indicated that Irving wants to resign with the team. Could he be using the James reports to give Dallas a hint that they must improve their roster?

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Whatever the case may be, the answer this offseason is simple: The Dallas Mavericks must improve their roster now.

With two weeks away from the draft and three weeks away from the start of free agency only time will tell how much better Dallas will get.