Dallas Cowboys: 3 head coach options if McCarthy fails in 2023

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Could the Dallas Cowboys bring back a familiar face for Dak Prescott?

Current Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore had successful years play calling for the Dallas Cowboys.

In 2019 and 2021, Moore had their offense clicking. They ranked as the number-one offense in the NFL in both years as far as total yards.

Whether you like him or not, Dak Prescott looked like a legit top-5 quarterback in this league.

They were also top-4 in 2022 in points scored.

So, what was the problem?

There were many reasons for the split, but ultimately it came down to a difference in philosophies between the offensive coordinator and head coach.

What happens if you remove Mike McCarthy from the equation?

Jerry and his front office would at least consider bringing Kellen back into the fold.

Another Jason Garrett type of vibe was going on in Dallas, and Jones loves to poke out his chest with coaches that came up the ranks under his watch.

Whether or not Dak Prescott would enjoy rekindling this connection is easy to guess.  Dak had a good relationship with Kellen Moore, and it was evident that his departure wasn’t a pill he could swallow easily.

Some people believe he could develop into a Kyle Shanahan coach, and others fear he is a product of inflated numbers.

In either case, Moore’s brand will skyrocket as he calls plays for Justin Herbert.

His offense will look explosive, and teams will want to give him a chance to be the face of their coaching staff.

Please believe Jerry has Kellen’s number on speed dial, and a conversation will happen if the head coaching role for the Dallas Cowboys is vacant.

The one area that Dallas may need to overcome is losing Dan Quinn if Moore returns.

Retaining Quinn is only possible with the head coaching job as a viable option for him.

Hell, who could blame him?

It would be a tough decision for the executive team, but Moore will definitely be on the short list.