Dallas Cowboys: 3 head coach options if McCarthy fails in 2023

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Sd 073022 Bills Camp 21 Spts
Sd 073022 Bills Camp 21 Spts /

Bills Quarterbacks Coach Joe Brady is a long shot, but he would certainly help Dak.

Dak Prescott has been at the cusp of doing some great things in this league.

However, Dallas continues to stall out early in the playoffs.

A change-up in coaching leadership may be what the doctor ordered.

Currently, Joe Brady is the quarterbacks’ coach for the Buffalo Bills. Before that, he was the offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers.

That combination with then-Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule crashed and burned in short order.

You need to take another step back to learn who Joe Brady is.

Does anyone remember the legendary 2020 LSU run with Joe Burrow at the helm? If you do, you know Brady was a large part of that success.

He was never the actual offensive coordinator, but he had a hand in developing an unstoppable strategy that ultimately led to a championship under Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

Last season, the Bills’ offense put up 28.4 points per game which was second only to the Kansas City Chiefs. Josh Allen looked much more efficient and comfortable in the pocket.

Allen’s numbers didn’t skyrocket but they also didn’t tank when he lost OC Brian Daboll to the Giants.

Some will say it’s a big jump from quarterbacks coach to head coach, but others quickly rose to the top.

Minnesota Head Coach Kevin O’Connell was the QB coach for Washington Commanders before his promotion to the OC spot. He spent one season with Washington in that role and another with the Los Angeles Rams.

That’s a total of 2 seasons as the offensive coordinator. O’Connell has had some early success and a solid marriage with Kirk Cousins.

It would be plausible for Prescott and Brady to have similar type of success.

Dallas may be weary of making another move like this one. Garrett was the offensive coordinator briefly before becoming the head coach.

He was only the quarterbacks coach for the Miami Dolphins for one season before that.

Jerry has been tolerant in letting coaches grow on the job.

It’s still uncertain if he will allow that same process to unfold with the roster that he currently has. This roster is in win-now mode.

Joe Brady would be a solid mind to tag-team with Prescott, but the timing may not be great for Dallas.