Dallas Cowboys: 3 head coach options if McCarthy fails in 2023

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This Dallas Cowboys head coach candidate has Jerry written all over him.

Bill O’Brien crashed and burned miserably with the Houston Texans.

He was not coaching a team full of scrubs. O’Brien had legit talent and made it his life’s work to disassemble it.

First, it was the DeAndre Hopkins debacle. Hopkins’ trade was for less-than-value trade assets and a running back whose face is on the back of milk cartons.

The Deshaun Watson situation had blame to pass around.

Few quarterbacks would want to play for a team when you are deliberately trading away his top weapons. However, Watson did enough to hurt what they were building after O’Brien was long gone.

The intrigue is going to be around his decent win percentage in Houston.

Coincidentally, from 2007 – 2011, he was a New England Patriots staff member. He wasn’t around for the championship seasons, but he was in the presence of the GOAT.

Would that give him enough shine to entice Jerry?

I believe it would. Bill O’Brien is currently the OC for the Patriots now. For some reason, the Patriots’ OC typically gets a second bite at the apple. Josh McDaniels is now grinding up his second opportunity.

How many ways can I stress how bad of an idea this would be?

When Watson played with his team in Houston, they did not perform better than an average scoring team.

O’Brien gives the impression that he is a hard-nosed, salt of the Earth type of coach. That’s a false advertisement, and he would be an enormous mistake by the front office.

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If they consider going this route, turn around and return the other way. The 12-win coach in the building would do a much better job.