Dallas Cowboys: The calm before the storm (contemplating the unknown)

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Now that the Dallas Cowboys have conducted their minicamps, the long wait for training camp has begun. The NFL likes to call itself a year-round attraction, but there is the period between mid-June and late July when nothing happens.

While the exact date for camp hasn’t been set, it should start around the same time as last year (July 27th). While we still have some news that could break, they still need a kicker, this is the worst time of the year for NFL fans.

This offseason started with a disappointing loss against the 49ers. Still, some excitement started building when the Dallas Cowboys used free agency and drafted some positions early they have traditionally not done. Between these two things, fans got excited for what the 2023 Dallas Cowboys could look like, and achieve.

The Dallas Cowboys now have a month and a half until the start of camp and the long wait for fans to see the 2023 version of the team has begun.

While everyone is curious about the offensive line and what that will look like, there are also the offensive weapons acquired, defensive help they added, and a new offensive scheme to be interested in. But for now, we must all wait and speculate before we get to see what it looks like on the field. It feels so far away, but it will be here before we know it.

If the Cowboys want to be contenders this year, now is the time for the coaching staff to really pull things together. They must install the offense, tool with the defense, and decide who they want to see and where. Of course, this is all while they quietly hold their breath that none of the players get into any off-field problems that could derail their entire plans.

Once players arrive at training camp, they need to be ready to hit the ground running, and while we all get excited, we do have to temper some expectations until we see them in game situations. We may not see the starters really pulled together until the second, maybe third preseason game. The second game is on August 19th against the Seahawks and the last game is on the 26th against the Raiders. Remember there are only three preseason games this year.

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For now we wait, we wait to see what this team will be. We wait to see if the offense evolves into using more motion. We wait to see if the defense is better on the outside. We wait for the draft picks to play their first snap. We wait, and we wait some more. Come on July, get here quick, I don’t know if we want to wait that long.

  • Published on 06/20/2023 at 16:01 PM
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