Dallas Cowboys Linebackers: 2023 Position Overview

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Dallas Cowboys
Jabril Cox #14 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Jabril Cox

In 2021, the Dallas Cowboys selected Jabril Cox in the 4th round of the NFL draft.

He suffered an ACL injury during his rookie season in week eight against the Vikings, hindering his development. Prior to the injury, we caught glimpses of a speedy and talented linebacker.

In a league that prioritizes passing, linebackers who can cover are highly sought-after. With good instincts, he is an exceptional zone-coverage linebacker who glides around the field.

He has the ability to read routes, defend running backs in the flat, and cover tight ends downfield. He possesses the skills to be an effective weapon against tight ends.

He’s versatile enough to serve as a spy against quarterbacks. There is a lot to love about him as a player. An extra year to recover from his ACL injury will greatly boost his confidence and improve his mental and physical ability to play.

DeMarvion Overshown

Overshown’s movement skills shine when transitioning from safety to linebacker. He can flat out run. Notice the trend here. Speed, speed, and more speed.

He possesses a combination of strong safety traits and off-ball linebacker skills, and I believe that this unique blend will become apparent quite early in his career.

His motor runs at a high temperature and he possesses a strong sense of the position, enabling him to play exceptionally well. His impressive skills allow him to track down plays from the back and relentlessly pursue the ball carrier all around the line of scrimmage.

Based on the information that I have collected, his ability to rush the passer is heavily dependent on blitzing and sometimes taking the opposition by surprise. He has a real knack for it.

The draft selection of Mazi Smith is further proof of the smart move made by the team, which will lead to benefits for the linebacking group.

His top priority while learning the defense should be becoming a special teams ace.The Cowboys found a promising prospect that can assist them presently and in the future.